Cash Flow Help? Unit 15 OCMC

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Cash Flow OCMC coming up and just working on some questions...can anyone help with how this question would layout?

Prepare a Cashflow forecast for April 08 using data below?

"April 08"

Price per mega watt 52

Output Hrs 275,000.00
Total Revenue 14,300,000.00

Depr Equip 5,000,000.00
Staff Cost 1,900,000.00
Insurance Costs 310,000.00
Payment Grid MGMT 1,900,000.00
Maint Contract 1,300,000.00
Admin Cost 2,500,000.00
Interest Paid 1,000,000.00

Net Profit 390,000.00

25% in the month / 75% in the next month
Equipment Depr - straight Line
Staff Cost paid in month uncurred
Insurance £310,000 per month for 12 month period Jan - Dec 2010
Insurance is paid quarterly in advance, a payment of £930,000 was paid in March
Payment to Gri MGMT is paid in the month of supply
Maintanence Contract is paid in the month of supply
Admin is paid in the month of supply
Interest is paid in the month of supply
31st march - Balance on trade Debtors was 10,500,000
and Balance on maint Creditors was 1,750,000
1st April - Opening Cash Balance is £500,000

any help on structure or answer structure would be great

thanks in advance
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