June 2009 PCR Paper

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Hi all,

This is probably the silliest question ever but i will ask anyway, on task 1.2 when working our the number of garments sold of clearance and catalogue can someone explain to my very blonde self why you caculate it catalogue quantity/catalogue % x clearance % and why you can't just work it out as 20% of the total to get the clearance amount and 80% to get the catalogue amount?

I know its going to be logical but obviously i've overworked my brain today! I hate it when i don't understand why!

Thanks, think its time for bath and some music before early night!!

Good luck everyone


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    Are you sorted on this!?

    I did this paper a couple of days ago but as snowed in at home did it on paper just looking at web site for questions. Have may answers in front of me but not sure which part you are after.
  • purple19m
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    Hi thanks for replying,

    No i've not got it yet!!

    I don't see why when working out the number of garments that are for catalogue and for clearance price the calculation is catalogue quantity/catalogue % x clearance %?

    I don't get why you can't just do 20% and 80% of the total garments to work how many get sold at clearance and how many get sold at catalogue price rather then the calculation that is above which is in the anaswer sheet. I hope i'm not confusing you more!
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    What seem to have done is for each garment.

    For s
    Number sold at clearance = 355
    Total sold = 1775

    % =20% sold at Clarence Price

    For K
    Clearance = 135
    Total = 900

    % = 15% sold at clearance

    I'm not sure that helps or not
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