Exam booklets ...should students be allowed to bring them home?

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I am thinking why they do not allow us to do so ...is it because of the 3pm rule of not talking about them? honestly i would prefer to keep the answer booklet as that would mean that i could then revise at home if i have done things ok or not, also if we fail we already have the past paper to practice (instead of downloading it agai!) and also where do all the booklets go? would be a lot of paper saved on printing again and again?

For example i wrote plenty on mine with black pen and pencil while doing some questions surely that paper doesnt go anywehre

your thoughts?


  • SandyHoodSandyHood Font Of All Knowledge Registered, Moderator Posts: 2,034
    AAT regulations forbid students from taking the paper out of the exam hall
    but exam supervisors are told:
    “At the end of the week, once all the exams are over, you may give any unused question papers to the tutors”.
    This is from our ‘Regulations for Exam Supervisors and Invigilators’ (Section 1.6.2).

    So the week after the exam, tutors (like me) receive a bundle of the papers candidates used.
    I guess many of them keep one or two and put the remainder through for recycling, but you might be able to contact your tutors and ask for a copy (or even ask if you can thumb through all of them for your own).

    If you see spare copies of unit 6 or unit 33, please let me know. I like to have a go when I have time.
    [email protected]
  • MargaMarga Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 981
    Hi Sandy

    Thanks for your reply i know that AAT wont allow students to bring them with them and that at the end of the exams week they allow tutors to have them so they can help students

    i however am not with any training provider just studying on my own so the only way i can get a past paper is through here and printing ...

    unfortunately i dont have any of the papers you are after but if i get the hold of any of them i will send them to you
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