Unit 10 E project

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Hi does anybody know about the E project and how it works..


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    Hi does anybody know about the E project and how it works..

    You need to get your tutor to set up an assessment on "Access new e-portfolio".

    You will then need to log into "myaat account" and from "Access new e-portfoli0" accces your assessements. Please note once you have insert your access code (provided by yout tutor) and/or down loaded the case study, your clock down time has started. You only have 3 or 4 months (I am not sure which, but it will be mentioned your assessment) to complete and up load your work to your assessor (tutor). You can submitt for a maximum of 3 times to your tutor who will give you the feed back on your report.

    By the way, when you access "myaat" and in the "Access new e-portfolio" there is a link labelled "support for e-portfolio" gives you all the information of how to down load your case study and upload your work for the tutor to mark

    good luck with your project
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    Hi thanks for the response. I have not started the project yet. It's the last unit left, I've done all the other units. I'm a home study student and I do not have a course provider and have been studying the Osbourne textbooks and doing the external exams. But the unit 10 is different and I have to sign on to a course provider to complete it.
    I have been trying to decide weather to stick with the old standard or move onto the new standard and do the project under the new standard, only because I thought that it may be cheaper. It seems to cost a lot to do this unit with all of the course providers. I just can not decide what to do. You see I am unemployed at the moment and want to do the unit as economically as possible.

    Thanks for the response, by the way.. The E project sounds quite scary.. all this downloading and uploading stuff. It does put me of a bit. But then again if it's cheaper I may do it..
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    I doubt the price will be any different as it still requires the same input from your provider, they still need to review drafts, assess the report etc etc. If anything, I'd say the new standard would be more expensive as it's more time consuming for the centre having to download/upload all the time.
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    well with Kaplan, the old unit 10 is £160 and the new unit 10 is £119.

    So there is a difference, but not much. Depends just how tight funds are and whether you prefer not to have a time limit. I suspect the E Project is cheaper as it is all based online, and there is no paper costs involved. It should make things quicker as when the project is uploaded it will be available for the tutor to see straight away, and (hopefully) wont take them as long to return each draft.

    Hope that helps!
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