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I've been approached by a potential client enquiring about a bookkeeping service and payroll. Not a problem except that he has 45 part time staff paid fortnightly. I've managed payroll in a previous Accountant role but since becoming self employed have only dealt with small limited companies with 1-3 employees. I'm looking at purchasing Moneysoft to help me expand my payroll abilities but am wondering if anybody could help me get an idea of how much time this is likely to take up so I can work out some pricing.
Many thanks


  • burg
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    I do payroll for a client that has around 40 weekly paid employees and 5 monthly paid all with varying hours. I also prepare journals but have an hours sheet for them to report the hours in a way I find simplest. It then takes anywhere between 15-45mins per week depending on leavers, joiners etc.

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