UNIT 10 Project


I hope you can give me some advice

I work in credit control within the sales ledger and credit assessment team ....

I do manage a sales ledger with around 208 debtors accounts

Am i able to do my unit 10 project around this area?

I know i need a training provider and i might go for Kaplan so if i explain the above to the guys in Kaplan (or Premier or BPP) will they be able to advice if that is a good topic etc?

Also i would like opinions from the students here about it if possible :)



  • Rinske
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    What are you going to improve in the area? In the end the size of the department doesn't really matter, as long as your suggested improvements are good enough

    (based on old standard, not sure what it will be in the new standards).
  • Marga
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    Hi there are so many things in our department that can be improved!!!

    Most of it is done manually ....

    this afternoon i spent about an hour teaching the sales ledger team how to use pivot tables and vlookups to get their remits allocated easily

    Also i have been given the task of teaching other colleagues on formulas to calculate late payment charges ....

    We work in excel and i believe there are plenty of things we could improve to get better debtors pay and other things ....
  • Rinske
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    In that case, if you can add all those improvements to the project, it sounds like a great idea to me.

    Just try and remember that you have to write 4000 words about it, so don't use a too small subject like the teaching of excel, just combine it all if needed.

    As in, you can write it on the whole of the sales ledger team and mention all weaknesses and find a way to solve most of them or mention why you can't improve it at the time.

    Does that make sense?
  • Marga
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    Hi Rinske

    Yes it does make sense

    Training is one of the weaknesses of our department and it could save so much time that can be dedicated to other things once the people are up to speed and skilled!

    Also meetings with the sales and procurement team to get invoices raised properly ie invoice quality controls for example i get all the invoices sent to me before we send them to the customer and if there are any issue wrong ie PO, address etc i get the sales team to amend this saves time of invoices going to the debtor and not being paid for a whole cause they are wrong ie improve debtors payment dates


    also at the moment we send paper copies sometimes sometimes they are sent electronically so a consistency method could be approachable

    Thanks for your input , i think i will write down my ideas and bullet points on what can and what cannot be improved and how my manager manages the whole team and how that can also be or not improved
  • Rinske
    Rinske Registered Posts: 2,453
    Sounds like a great basis for your swot analysis. If you also write down the strenghts, you got quite a lot done already.

    Then if you use the standard layout, you just have to add some points sensitive for fraud and the whatsitcalled where you explain the system backup and how people are covered if they are absent, you got the main base for your project.
  • Marga
    Marga Registered Posts: 981
    great thanks !

    btw dont know why i posted this in the advance/intermidiate forum and not technician!
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