Salary for people working in practice

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I was just wondering what salary people are on who work in practice.

I was on £10,700 since i started my job just over 2 years ago and have been given a pay rise to £12,000. I just feel that i'm still paid quite low and am trying to negotiate a bigger pay rise.

I know i should be grateful in these economical times that i have a job and i'm getting a payrise and i am, i just don't feel very valued.


  • PGM
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    If you get training and time off for study you need to factor that into your wage.

    If you still don't feel its sufficient it may be time to look for something new.
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    £12,000 for a junior in an accounts practice sounds about right

    semi-seniors tend to get £16,000

    seniors £20,000

    This is from my personal experience, other people may have different experiences
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    Hey Reader!

    How'd the exam go today - did you remember your list???
  • reader
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    Hey Jenny

    Thanks for asking.

    It went surprising well- I remembered to highlight dates and time apportion, I remembered annual exemption allowance, I remembered the rules on long service benefit (£50) and benefit on christmas parties (£150), etc.

    I'm really really happy

    I was a complete mess yesterday night, I was literally having a conversation with myself, rambling on about all the mistakes I was going to make

    What else do you have left with regard to AAT exams, projects, simulations, work experience?
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