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Hi all,

Subject ;Business Plans for Soletraders

Considering the time it takes to collate information, structure, & review etc, I'd be interested to find out what other MIP's charge for Business Plans for someone who is seeking a grant to start their first business.
I'm still trying to set a fee for this for MY business... The firm I currently work is more high end in terms of fees due to being an established firm.

Recently I had a 'distant' family member (who i've seen once in 10years) who asked me if I could produce one as the person were seeking a grant to start their first business
I didnt want to charge a clients rate, and fee I quoted was low considering the hours I would need to put in. But still the person wanted it done for nothing! Dont know what they were expecting maybe £50 for a potential 10hrs (or more) work!! No chance !!

Would be interested to hear a guide for what fee you would set as a minimum.



  • RAS
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    Must admit a bit confused with this one. Do you work at an accountancy practice or do you run a practice yourself? Or both?
  • shadeofblue
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    Hi both im an P/T MIP & still work F/T for a firm
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