Final hurdle of AAT Technician - can't pass!!!

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I believe AAT has changed to now a diploma based qualification so the Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced levels have been axed?
I have PEV & PCR to pass, failed resit in June and missed Dec sitting so i am looking to take them in June 2011 now. The question is, if I dont pass then this is going to be my final chance i think and then i wont have been able to complete the qualification?
I am hoping i will pass but the pressure will be worse this time more than ever?
Any suggestions??



  • leonag
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    As far as I'm aware, if you haven't completed your qualification you have to transfer over onto the new qualification, I don't think you'll need to sit any new modules, but the ones you have left may be amended a bit.

  • jewels.p
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    Was it due to the weather you missed December sittings?
  • HELLOU03
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    Thanks Leona, I will have to look into this.
    No, i was in Australia so was unable to attend them, the holiday was booked before the timetable was issued plus, i thought i would have passed :(.

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