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I am wondering if someone know how to improve excell skills, if-scenarios, v-look ups, pivot tables, macros, etc. Maybe a book with cd? Or website? I definitely need a lot of excercise.

Thanks for all help in advance!


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    Not an easy one to answer.

    "Cynic mode on "

    I've been on a few courses in my time as have extensively used excel and dear old Lotus ans always seems to be available as an easy option for employers to hit their Investors in people targets!

    "Cynic mode off"

    Personally I've found all but 10% of one course completely useless, the reason that 10% wasn't was because I was allowed to "go play" with my data whilst the rest caught up.

    I have found the best way to learn is to get somebody to sit with you as you try to "do something" and show you how they think you could do it better/ quicker.

    It seems a pain / waste of time but...

    I think the basis of my issues with training has been, for example I'd go on a course and been shown in 3 easy steps how to anaylise which type of sausage sells best or whatever.

    If I have no intention of selling sausages it won't stick!

    Me working out and presenting in a table/graph which person uses the most fuel - was relevant to me so did stick!

    If only becasue once you've been on the course you won't be tinkering with sausage sales data but you'll have the meaningful - to you data to tinker away with for, well - however long, and I think it's the playing that makes it real.

    Unless of course you just need to have an excel course on your CV!

    Sorry for waffle - needed a break from past papers as BTG CBA on Wednesday!
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    Online excel course written by an accountant


    did you look at www.theexcelclub.com?

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