Cant get any information anywhere about whats happening re the cancellation of my exams. My tutor said to get in touch with the AAT. I tried to get in touch with the College where I was meant to sit them but there is never any answer. I have phoned the AAT twice but both times have been told that they havent been given any information as of yet.

For goodness sake I dont want exact details all I want to know are the assessments gonna be before Christmas or not surely somebody must know that! :mad:


  • reddwarf
    reddwarf Registered Posts: 528
    That is bad Jewels. I can imagine how you feel. I can't believe they haven't got a contingency plan for this situation. After all snow is not unusual and everyone had a warning last year. It's blooming unprofessional.

    In your position I would try to escalate this at the AAT, someone in authority must know something concrete by now....?-:
  • Bluewednesday
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    I would doubt that any assessments are going to be organised before Christmas now, there's not enough time.

    I would relax and enjoy Christmas and deal with it afterwards.

    I would also imagine they are having to wait to find out exactly how many people are affected before they make decisions and the colleges are not all back yet.

    Be glad it's not ACCA they would just say tough and you would have to resit next time!
  • litasangel316
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    Not sure ive replied to this right! i know exactly how you feel! I was meant to sit PCR and PTC on thursday and friday and couldnt make it to my exam centre! Then i find out my exam centre was closed, which i wasnt told at the time! I chased AAT for some more information yesterday and was told someone would be calling early this week! They couldnt give me any more information than that :(
  • reddwarf
    reddwarf Registered Posts: 528
    I find it astonishing that the AAT haven't a procedure or policy for this situation, their staff should know what the policy is and confirm it to it's members, even, if that is; nothing will happen until a certain date. It ain't that hard to put some kind of structured response in place surely?? This is the 21st century after all....

    ACCA have clear policy (even though it is tough one)- why not the AAT...
  • coojee
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    Didn't the same thing happen last year? And wasn't it just a case of tough, you'll have to wait for the next sitting? I can't see them re scheduling the exams as they'd have to write new exam papers (as the ones used last week are now in the public domain).
  • jewels.p
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    I dont remember this happening last year I was told last week that this has never happened before that is why they didnt know what to do and didnt have any contingency plans in place.

    I made every attempt to get to the venue and only found out 1 hr before the exam was due to start that the college was shut on the Monday. I got no phonecall from anyone and was phoning around everywhere to find out if the exam was still on.

    It is a complete disgrace and I hope that if this does happen in the future people are informed one way or another if the exams are going ahead or not.
  • Londina
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    reddwarf wrote: »
    I can't believe they haven't got a contingency plan for this situation. After all snow is not unusual and everyone had a warning last year. It's blooming unprofessional.

    Well said Reddwarf, it's absolutely unprofessional.
  • welshwizard
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    Contact your provider - the AAT have new sittings next week for those who had exams cancelled because of weather!
  • sasperella
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    Hey jewels hope you have managed to get some clear direction! My exams were also cancelled due to the snow! My exams have been rescheduled for next wednesday and thursday at 9.30am. ALL colleges etc who had the problem were issued an email and they should have contacted you to confimr these dates are OK. bEST OF LUCK
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