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Client uses Sage, on doing the year end accounts there's misc. income of 30k which is mileage charged to customers on invoices, this mileage has already been paid by the customer, our client is basically the middle man.

How do I amend Sage therefore to not show this mileage as income?

Any advice would be very much appreciated.



  • coojee
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    I'm not sure I'm understanding this right. If you've invoiced it to customers then it should show as income, the fact that it's just a re charge makes no difference.
  • bumblebee
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    Assuming the mileage cost is not trading income, you can made adjustment journal to correct the entry:

    Dr Misc income
    Cr Motor expenses

    But where the amount is included in invoices and considering the amount which as you mentioned is 30k, the above might not be appropriate in my knowledge. You will need to show the cost as total income, and make sure that the corresponding entry for cost of re-imbursed mileage is included in motor expenses.
  • bigmuggsy
    bigmuggsy Registered Posts: 92 Regular contributor ⭐

    I've sorted it many thanks for your help.

    Best regards
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