Cheapest way to do Unit 10?

Siobhan Carmel
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Hi Folks

I am an independant student - not registered with any training provider. I will need to do Unit 10 and am trying to find the cheapest way.

Prices I am being quoted are £250 minimum. Has anyone find a cheaper price than this?
I am not currently working in accounts and my employer would not contribute.




  • zakira
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    I am in the some position as you. I also could not find anything cheaper. Kaplan do do it for the cheapest at around £166 but with them you have to know someone who would sign your witness testmony document and you need to get your own mentor, they do not provide one. I am unemployed and so could not do this. They also give the option of getting an accountant to sign it. You could get your employer to sign it, you can ask kaplan about that. If you go with Kaplan it would work out the cheapest option that I have found.
    I have decided to go with Premier Training because they provide a mentor and so you do not need to find someone to sign a witness testmony. They charge £200 for the unit and extra to do the case study at around £32 approx.
  • Siobhan Carmel
    Siobhan Carmel Registered Posts: 50 Regular contributor ⭐
    Hi Zakira

    Thanks for this. It is a real concern how much this unit costs. I have managed to get through the others by just buying the text book and studying at home, but this amount is serious, and the providers seem to be running a cartel!

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