Full Member wishing to become MIP with another person ie form a partnership

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Dear All,

Is there anyone newly qualified or otherwise in the Essex area that is looking to go into Practice with someone else? I would love to work for myself and start up an accounting services practice but would only want to do so as a partnership.

I live on the Billericay/ Laindon border and am female. I qualified in the summer this year. Please respond if you're interested. Many thanks.


  • T.C.
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    Why do you want to work as a partnership? Why not work on your own, but use other, perhaps more experienced contacts, to pass on more complex issues to. That way you will build up your client base, but also have others to turn to for advice. They won't mind because you will be passing them work too. It could also work the other way and they could pass basic work on to you. Does that help?
  • Monsoon
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    Please, please, please think very carefully about going into partnership.

    I am currently having an absolute nightmare and everyone I've spoken to about it has said they either wouldn't go into partnership with someone, or has done it and regretted it.

    I am sure there are some successful ones, but I wouldn't go there with a bargepole now.

    If you do do it, do your due dilligence on the person, make sure you have a directors service agreement, shareholders agreement etc in place that clearly states how you can get out if you need to, and that won't unduly limit you if you do that. Oh, and be a Ltd co, you want limited liability.

    Please be careful.
  • Rachel
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    I used to work for a partnership (not accounts) and it was 2 brothers, and they were brilliant if they had a issue they would take it away and sort it in private and 100% trusted each other. But I don't think I would trust anyone enough to go in to partnership with (apart from my husband)

    Ah sorry Monsoon I thought you were in ones of those good ones that work hope you sort it out soon.
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