SPAMMERS - bugger off, stop trawling for targets!

OK, so I innocently/naively decided to put my website address on my signature line - like lots of people here do.

I'm now receiving junk emails from the person who claims everybody needs his help in a take off of the 'toy shop' and 'baked spuds' people.

Please would you be kind enough to stop sending me emails (and any other unsuspecting victims). I'm sure it was done with the best intention, but I already have plenty of reliable friends who can help me.


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  • blobbyh
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    It's very, very, very unlikely spammers would get your e-mail address off these forums.

    The people who do spam use automated programmes to harvest addresses in their tens of thousands. They wouldn't have the time, resources or patience to browse internet forums - especially insular niche ones like this - to grab the odd address here and there.

    It's not rocket science for a clever programmer to use an automated program to automatically generate random e-mail addresses, send them out en masse and simply wait for the few who might respond. You should never angrily reply and say "Don't bother me again" since doing so merely confirms the address as a real one and you'll more than likely be bombarded from thereon.

    They're annoying but the best thing is to simply delete them.
  • anniem
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    Blobby I have deleted it, but it was from help4u accountants, who I know from a mortgage thread on the MIP board are also targeting other people on here.
    FMAAT - AAT Licensed Member in Practice - Pewsey, Wiltshire
  • bumblebee
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    Block them
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