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Matt444Matt444 Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 36
I did the FNPF CBE the other day. The content of which I found fine, but I had a bit of a time management issue due to the length of the written tasks. As a result, I was unable to fully complete one of the written tasks in section 2.

I'm worried that this may result in me not achieving the 70% in section 2 which consists of 2 written tasks. I know had I tackled the written stuff first or given myself more time that I'd have been fine.

Do you think the CBA could be done again before the results are issued? The only reason I ask is because I'm wanting to start ACCA in Feb next year and worried that a fail will mean I can't start ACCA until Sept.
Do you think it can be done? I'd expect that if both were passed then one would be disregarded?

Any advice would be most welcome...
Thanks :-)


  • Dipak ThankiDipak Thanki Well-Known Registered Posts: 135
    I wouldn't really worry about it, I did the practice one today and on the written one, I wrote really vague answers and still got a pass, so you've most probably passed.

    Was the exam similar to the practice one? I have mines on Friday. :(
  • Matt444Matt444 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 36
    The answers you put on the practice CBA written tasks aren't marked. The mark you get at the end of the practice CBA is based on your section one responses.

    In the live CBA I found section one v similar to the practice, but the section 2 tasks were longer especially the variance task (2.1).
  • allyanderson07allyanderson07 Just Joined Registered Posts: 1
    I am in the same boat as you unfortunately. I ran out of time and will now struggle to get the required 70% for section 2. The paper was quite straight forward and i would be confident of getting a good mark for all of section 1 and for question 1 of section 2. The last question threw me a bit which also did not help as it involved outsourcing a certain volume of their products each year which is something we have never seen before. I do not think that it is a rocket scientist question however when you are in a flap due to time pressure, unknown's are a nightmare. The CBA is not a good format as you have to continually scroll up and down the page to read information and it is impossible to scribble notes and do easy workings. Unfortunately i have resigned myself to a January resit.

    It is interesting that section 1 of my paper contained variances and ratio calculations. Part 2 of my paper also contained ratios and vcariance calculations and explanations. Why is it then that the AAT decide to split the paper and insist on 70% for each part. It is annoying because one bad question in part 2 and i will more than likely fail the whole exam whereas if the mark was based on overall performance i would be confident of a pass. AAT is a nightmare.......

    Hope that you pass after all and get on the ACCA course in January !!
  • Matt444Matt444 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 36
    Thanks Ally, I hope you have done enough to clear the 70% requirement too.

    I was quite annoyed that the task 2.1 had many requirements on variances making it a v time consuming question to complete. This is in contrast to the practice online wherby we only had to discuss two variances (price / usage) and it was much shorter.

    I based my time management on the practice paper, taking section 1 slowly and checking the answers as I went along - which ultimately cost me dearly in section 2! Why can't we have 10 mins reading time before we start like any normal exam? Had I known beforehand I would have started on section 2....

    Oh well, I will be prepared for the written demands if I take again in Jan.

  • sarah nsarah n Settling In Nicely Registered Posts: 17
    Hi, Ive got my Financial Performance exam on Friday and was just reading through your post to see if you had any tips! Is it similar to the practice online one? And are there loads of questions on variances... (i hate them)? I hope you passed anyway!
  • Matt444Matt444 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 36
    Hi Sarah, I received my FNPF cba result last week. Despite the time management issues I passed the unit! I have now finished AAT and have started studying CIMA.

    The CBA is very similar in content and style to the practice with two written tasks in section two on variances and performance indicators. The written tasks in the live assessments seem to be slightly longer than the practice questions so be prepared to write more! On the whole, I found the FNPF assessment to be quite fair.

    I would probably suggest doing task 1.1 and 1.2 of a few PEV past papers to practice variances before your exam...variances are heavily assessed in section one.

    Hope everying goes well in your CBA.

  • PaisleyPaisley Feels At Home Registered Posts: 93
    I had the same time management issues with the second question in Section 2, but have just found out that I passed.... so pleased!!
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