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Hello All,

Newbie here and first post. I am currently a member of the AAT and am considering studying towards ACA in the new year and was hoping i could get some personal opinions on how you found it, ie: cost, difficulty compared to the AAT,how you chose to study and so on. Also do you need to be employed with an icaew employer or can you study via distance learning yourself.

Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas!

By the way i am based in lancashire.




  • dantray
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    I also considered this. there is nothing to stop you studying and sitting exams and qualifying. however, to gain full membership and be "Shooter7Shooter ACA" you need to have the experience gained in an ICAEW training programme.

    they're advertised here:

    in the end i didn't bother as training programmes paid a considerable amount less than i was earning at the time and I chose ACCA instead.
  • shooter7shooter
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    well come on then how was acca
  • NeilH
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    You can study ACA outside of a training contract as an "independant student". However, you will need to bein the final year of a training contract to be able to take the final ACA stage and you'll need three years experience gained in a training contract to complete the qualification.

    Study for the ACA is only through ICAEW approved courses and there is no distance learning provision, other than any attached to a taught course. ACA taught courses are structred differently to ACCA and CIMA courses and are more expensive as a result. If the ACA's content is what appeals, ACCA will be more flexible to access.

    Hope this helps

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