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Hi all,

I am sorry if i am asking you a silly question. But many thanks for reading my post.

I am a little confused about 64-8 for Company and Director.

When I fill up 64-8 for Ltd company, I fill up the details for client then agents area. Then I fill up corporation tax area, PAYE and VAT.

Now my question is in AGENTS CODE (SA/CT/PAYE) shell I only use CT Agents Code, or PAYE Agents Code or use both? or Shell I do seperate 64-8 for this?

Another question is when we submit the SAR for the Director, we will not have a UTR because we have not registered for UTR. Do we need to appy for this before the SAR.

Please advise me if you have some free time on your hand. I hope this answer will help other newbies like me.

Kind Regards,



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    On agents code I always put SA/CT/PAYE on all of them. Or you can just put the relevant ones and cross out the ones you're not putting on.

    If the director doesn't have a UTR because he has not been issued with a tax return he does not have to complete one, unless he has other income where tax has not been deducted at source. If that's the case and he hasn't been issued with a tax return, you need to request one from HMRC and they will issue a UTR.
  • MoneySavingBank
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    Thank you Monsoon

    Thank you very much. Your reply makes it clear.


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