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I know this is very late to ask this but I'm a bit stressed out here. I'm a distance learner, and have entered at CBT for this Monday. Now it's quite a distance from my home to the venue, which is going to be a bit iffy in the current weather conditions. Anyway due to a few problems at home I've not been able to cover all the material, let alone revise. My friends are saying I should still go and sit. I'd rather stay at home even though I've a hotel booked for the night before so I could get to the venue on time.

The questions I have is;

If I don't turn up will that go against me for the future, or can I still put in for another CBT in say a couple of months when I'm better prepared(and travelling is a lot better!).

If I do make it and find I can't complete the test, can I leave early?

I just don't want to waste my time and, would hate to have to sit there for 3 hours if I simply cannot get through the questions.

I haven't even had chance to have a look at a simulation CBT so really am unprepared and wondering what action to take.



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    Just go and sit the exam, the things you don't know, might not even come up!
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    If you don't sit the exam, you don't stand any chance of passing. If you do sit it, you never know, even without revision you might do ok.

    Only you know deep down which you'd rather do. I don't think not turning up would go against you for the future (but that's just my guess).

    If the weather is bad, remember, put your safety first.

    Good luck whichever you decide.
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