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Hi there,

I would like to work in an accountancy practice but have no previous experience, I would love to volunteer but I currently work full time and as far as I'm aware practices dont do weekends.

All practice jobs that I see advertised say experience is required which unfortunately puts me out of the running :-( I hope to be AAT qualified this June, would this help in any way?


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    With so few vacancies at the moment, not easy to get a practice job without experience. I think that if you are determined enough you will get there eventually. It might be an idea to look through the yellow pages and contact some of the very small one man band accountants/bookkeepers who may be able to offer some a small amount of part time work if you explain your situation. Could give you at least some experience, which could get the ball rolling. Good luck.
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    I would definitely say ring round some of the smaller accountants. I was in the same position as you. Had no experience as you but you need to start somewhere to gain experience!! I phoned round big companies with no joy, then rung the smaller firms and luckily a lady who had her own business gave me some part time work. 2 and half years later am still there and loving it!! So ring round you never know! Good luck.
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    Would you be prepared to use your holiday time?

    Would you be prepared to use your holiday time?

    January is typically the busiest month of the year for accountancy practices.

    If you have any power of persuasion, now would be the time to use it. I would add that if you are so keen then, would you be prepared to use your holiday time?

    You may well be able to gain a foot in the door this month in a way that does not become available at any other time of year.

    Don't expect any interesting work, but be pleasantly surprised (and grateful) if you get any.

    The tedious jobs will be put to one side as swathes of disorganised small business firms bring in carrier bags and old corn flakes boxes full of receipts etc ahead of the 31 January deadline for tax.

    Just see if they need someone to do the tedious stuff while the full-time staff struggle to get through a very busy work load. The chance of you having any training in exchange for giving up your holiday is minimal, so don't expect any.

    What you will have got by the time you go back to work will be:
    1. An invaluable insight into what happens at that practice in January
    2. An opportunity for the people who work at that practice to have seen you at work (a sample of you!!)

    So, give it a go. Ring around. And later this year, hopefully they'll have a vacancy and think of you.
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    Unfortunately I do not get holiday time as I work through an agency, they include it in my pay so I cannot take that option.

    Thanks for the advice on ringing around small practices and even one man bands I shall definately consider that option.
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