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time allowed in CMRC paper based exam

kinmomokokinmomoko New MemberRegistered Posts: 9
Hi everyone (i have posted this in general student discussion area, now I found this area is more appropriated so I posted again)

previously CMRC Part 2 exam was a paper based exam yeah. does anyone know the time allowed in paper exam before? was it the same 2 hrs as computer based exam currently using.

thanks for any information.


  • SandyHoodSandyHood Font Of All Knowledge Registered, Moderator Posts: 2,034
    It varied from skills test to skills test depending on the complexity
    I was 3 hours sometimes but could be as long as 4 and a half hours.
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  • kinmomokokinmomoko New Member Registered Posts: 9
    Lately I have taken the Part 2 of CMRC exam, it was computer based exam and only allowed 2 hrs. 6 long questions and very long text need to read and time consuming questions need to answers. We need to write letters, give lots of comments. We only allow 2 hrs to finish and half of the class could't complete. Becasue the computer exam was badly designed, so we need to scroll up and down many many time to look for info, lots of time wasting on there. Some funny functions which not helping, e.g. when u point your mouse in the question then they move your page to answer page and u have to scroll back to the question, annoying and time wasting. The big problem was it required a certain typing speed to finish this exam. Those students could not finished becasue they are not high speed typist. They should not required students need to have high speed typing in accounting exam. this is accounting exam not secretarial exam. If they need student to perform high speed typing in exam (which they shouldn't cos this's accounting course), they should tell us one of the requirements to start aat level 4 is 40 w.p.m in typing speed. AAT seems never consider that to do a exam in computer based definitely need more time to manage the keyboard especially for answers required lot of text. A exam is stress enough for any student and we shouldn't be penalised for non-accounting issues. It just so unfair.
  • TerdooTerdoo Well-Known Registered Posts: 144
    Re: Time Management

    Hi Kimono,

    The CBT exam is just like doing a driving test, u have to be prepared well before hand to write it, I think the two and half hour given is fair, the problem is task 1.3 in budgeting seems to freezes which i think is very bad.
  • kinmomokokinmomoko New Member Registered Posts: 9
    Hi Terdoo

    Terdoo, Im talking about Part 2 of Credit Management exam. It was only 2 hrs allowed. Nothing about budgeting exam, my love
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