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Hi guys,
just wanted to ask what books did you use to study for Unit 6, ECR. I am using Kaplan's, but I find their books boring. When I was studing for unit 5, FRA I used Frank Wood's book-bookkeeping and accounts. I guess I would never pass without that book.

Any ideas, please?


  • SandyHoodSandyHood Font Of All Knowledge Posts: 2,034Registered, Moderator
    I tend to use the Osborne books
    Try this link and look at the samples before committing yourself.
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  • mira2602mira2602 Feels At Home Posts: 29Registered
    Thank you Sandy for the link. Did you take ECR already?
  • mgemge Feels At Home Posts: 94Registered
    Hi mira2602. I also used the book that Sandy suggested when I took this exam a few months ago under the new standards. It is a good book (although possibly not quite up to the exceptional standards of the Frank Wood book which you mention - but this would be extremely tough to beat!)

    There are separate books for the Diploma pathway and the NVQ pathway (but I imagine the content is pretty much identical). You can buy them in a used condition for less than £3 (including p&p) on Amazon marketplace, although some of these will probably have student highlighting and writing on the inside.
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