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Good morning all

Hope everyone had a lovely relaxing christmas.

Back to the grind stone for me!! LOL

I have just been looking for more practice sims and see that I can download a couple of sims from Myaat. I can find D1982 Unit 6 ECR data & task booklet, but cannot see a blank answer booklet to downloan. Also I would need the completed answers to double check my work.

Could anyone point me in the right direction as to where i can find these?



  • mge
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    Hi jane. I remember looking for these a few months ago. I'm fairly certain that they're not on the website. Unfortunately you only seem to be able to get the answer booklet and model answers for d1897. I think everything that's available is on this page.

    Hopefully someone will be able to email you some practice sims (unfortunately I haven't got any).

    The only other place I found practice sims was in the Osborne Costing and Reports Workbook, which you can pick up for less than £3 second hand. I imagine that BPP and Kaplan also produce practice simulations. I think tutors might also be able to order practice sims directly from the AAT.
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    Hi Jane

    i know the feeling, back to study today for indirect tax. I havent looked at the stuff since we did class end nov and I have revision a week on monday :(

    I have a look on aat website and see the answer booklet and model answers for d1897 same as mge.

  • jane
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    Hi Guys

    Thanks ever so much for looking aswell, I just thought I might be able to see them somewhere else.

    If anyone has any practice sims the can e-mail me I would be ever so grateful.
    My e-mail add is [email protected].

    I am at the stage now that I need lots of practice sims.

  • DIPS6369
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    Hello Everyone,

    I did my Intermediate level last year 2009/10, I have multiple Simulations, for Unit 5; Unit 6 and maybe Unit 7, blank copies, data, answer bookets, and may also have the answers to relating to them.

    In the event you should need these, then please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

    I am currently doing the Technician Level, and for the third year running I have been nominated again for the Class Representative, and in every class there should be a Class Representative to whom you can consult, if you are having any difficulties in class and the Class Representative should be approaching the Tutors/Lecteurs with the same.

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