Hi guys

I have version 15 of sage. I'm after registering the software and was told that there is a new version available - version 16. What version do we use to study and do the test?


  • mge
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    Hi emma. I'm not totally sure about this, but I imagine that the version used will vary depending on the place where you sit your exam/sim/CBA. I don't think that the AAT will specify that a certain version has to be used.

    However, I imagine that certain textbooks written for AAT may be based on a specific version of Sage. For example, I've had a quick look at the Osborne book (new standards), and it is based on version 15, but also provides resource files online for version 11 as well as version 15.

    I am taking the Spreadsheets CBA soon. The BPP centre where I am taking the CBA has Excel 2003 installed on their computers, so this is the version I have used while learning the material.

    (It might be worth getting a second opinion on all of this though, because I'm not absolutely certain how it works.)
  • emma123
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    Cheers mge. I emailed my tutor but he's off on hols as I imagined! so thought i'd ask on the forum in the meantime :)
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