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if i dont submit any experience n apply for full membership in 3 yrs...... do i have to do aat again .....will the qualification becum void????????


  • izzyizzy New Member Posts: 6Registered

    I hope not as I'm in the same boat as you!
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    I've contacted AAT about this issue in the past as I still don't have the required level of practical experience, even though I've completed AAT and have now started ACCA.

    You don't have to submit work experience after completing the qualification unless you have enough work experience and wish to claim full membership.

    After fully completing the AAT qualification, you will be awarded affiliate status unless you become a full member.

    I was told the affiliate status can be maintained for three years after completing the qualification, after which time you will need to demonstrate efforts of completing a satisfactory CPD programme.

    CPD should be reasonably straight forward, particularly if you progress your studies, as there are lot's of AAT events to attend and online assistance.

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