Graduates of Unit 10

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To all those people who have finished unit 10, what piece of information do you wish you had know or taken notice of before you started?


  • Paisley
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    For me it was understanding what I needed to write about in order to cover the criteria.

    After writing my project, I soon realised I needed to cover more areas and therefore I had to cut out some of the other sections.
  • A-Vic
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    I did a report plan at the very start i wish i had to stuck to it as in the end i went back to it.
  • vnoo
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    before i started i should of read the criteria and mapped project as i was writing it, i completed project then had to re-write parts and delete parts to keep into the word count and to be able to map all parts of the criteria.
    very annoying at the time but didnt take to long
    was glad to get it over and done with !
  • stevo1
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    What I know now after completing Unit 10 is to not waste time pondering, it can really set you back career wise. I passed all my exams first time and did the Technician exams within a year, however I divvered over starting my project - I guess I didn't know where to begin. If you don't then speak to your tutor or mentor and get the ball rolling!

    Finally moving onto CIMA this February...finally!
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