Unit 10 Project

Hi everyone,

I'm beginning to think about this project now and trying to scrape a few different ideas together. I am the only person who deals with the Purchase Ledger in my company's divisional accounts team.

I scan invoices and credits individually and enter them manually as batches.
I pay all suppliers by BACS.
I set up and amend all supplier accounts/details and bank details on the BACS system. Manager's authorise their specific departmental invocies to codes and I pass them to free the document for payment.

The manager's every month do not authorise all of their invoices on time for my BACS run even though they are given 2 weeks notice before payment is sent. This means that supplier's start chasing for their money, accounts are put onto stop, seperate BACS & CHAPS payments have to be sent which costs the company more money. Could this be a good enough idea to base the project on?

Any help would very much be appreicated!!


  • *Jo
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    Sounds good to me, you can cover the fraud elements as well as mistakes could be made due to last minute authorisation without proper care being taken.
  • Beautiful_bobo
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    That sounds really good, you have a lot to work on. I am doing mine on implementing a purchase order system. Don't forget to include fraud, training etc.

    I just need to start putting it to paper. Do you have a template to work too....

  • rebecca2
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    Thank you. I'm still waiting for a reply from my Premier Training tutor about it so wasn't sure!!

    Jennie - I have no template at all. I have literally just thought of this idea (as it bugs me at work!) and wanted a few opinions before starting anything - although to be honest I don't really know where to start. I've printed a few guidelines from the AAT website so when I start will probably just stick to these for a rough first draft. Do you have any guides or templates that you are working on? Your idea is really good too - a 4000 word limit is quite high but we should definitely have enough to ramble on about with our topics!
  • Beautiful_bobo
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    If you let me have your email address, I can send you, what I was sent regarding unit 10. Also if it would help when you have a draft copy of your project I am happy to read through it..secon pair of eyes sometimes helps..

  • Woooof
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    A few pointers from when I did mine last year:

    + Know what the criteria is for unit 10
    + It doesn't have to be 4000 words (I achieved mine in 3100)
    + Complete it logically (You can't start doing the "Methodology" until you've done the rest)

    These are the sections I had:

    1) Terms of reference
    2) Executive summary
    3) Methodology
    4) Organisation background
    5) Analysis and evaluation of the current system
    6) Recommendations and cost benefit analysis
    7) Implementation & Monitoring of recommendations
    Then appendices

    Number each new paragraph, so 1.1 then 1.2... and then 2.1 for the first paragraph in section 2

    I can also send a copy of my project if anyone would find that helpful, have a read of your draft, or if anyone wants last years unit 10 Osborne book I can send that too for free :D
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