Unit 10 - How to get started for a home student ?

moorfield Registered Posts: 9 New contributor 🐸
Hi I'd like to get started on Unit 10 in the next month or so. I am an independent student - not attached to BPP, Kaplan or the like - so not sure how to go about doing this - can anyone help ?

To date I've just booked the exams on AAT website and gone into BPP to do them, and just booked in to do the sims at BPP also. Can I do similar with Unit 10 ? I do know that I'd like to use the sim they dish out for this, rather than my own real life study.



  • taskey
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    i am home student with bpp too and i did the unit 10 with them. the tutor was fantastic. i did not do the sim, i used my own workplace as my case study.

  • Rinske
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    For unit 10 you will need to sign up with a provider though. You can't do it without one, as they are the ones checking all the criteria and signing it off when you finished.
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