Panicking about FRA exam in 2 weeks!

I have my FRA exam in 2 weeks time exactly. I just completed my ECR exam last month, i was so busy concentrating on that exam that i know nothing for this exam coming up. I was working through several past papers over the weekend but i am now more worried than confident. Do you think i am able to play catch up in two weeks time? i plan to keep going through past papers and keep going through my textbook but i am worried i wont pass this exam. I know its my own fault but i have been struggling through this class the whole way through :(.


  • anniebabe
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    Dont panic, try to stay calm or you will make things worse.
    Look at the exam papers one by one and try and work through each question slowly and understand what you are doing.
    I am presuming that you are doing a computer exam if it is in 2 weeks? I have no experience of the computer FRA exam- but passed the FRA paper exam in June.
    I am under the impression that the new FRA is assessed in 2 exams so stuff that is in the old paper exams may not crop up in your exam. You can do a lot of work in 2 weeks.
    Which exam are you doing exactly?
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    Hi Anniebabe,

    Thank you for your reply. Think i am panicking because normally when i revise it comes back to me pretty quickly but the last two days studying constantly and still feel like i don't know enough. just when i think i have something figured the question slightly changes and it totally throws me off.

    Anyway i am doing the computer based exam. Felt alot better about the costing exam which i managed to pass. Will take your advice and work through the past papers slowly. I think getting a grasp of those questions is better than nothing right now. x
  • anniebabe
    anniebabe Registered Posts: 595
    Dont over do it, I over did it with my FRA simulation and failed it first time cause I overloaded, so get a good break in between papers.
    I think maybe you are doing too much which sometimes can be a bad thing.
    Dont be too hard on yourself, try to stay positive.
    Good Luck. x
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