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Does anyone know if its possible to do ATT by buying the books alone and not a full study package? If so has anyone done it and how are they finding it?


  • Monsoon
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    Yes that's how I'm doing it. The reason I chose that (aside from the money :lol:) is because I work in practice, in tax, and tax makes sense to me (!) so it doesn't feel like I'm learning a new subject.

    I took a break so have only done one paper (Nov 08) which I passed but I plan to do an exam again in May. I'm doing them one at a time.

    It really is hard if you suffer from a lack of self discipline like me! I've got to do it now though because I'm always going to be busier not calmer!
  • jow774
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    Thanks Monsoon, I just havent got the cash to shell out for a study package at the mo. Which books did you use?
  • RAS
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    I took and passed first two ATT exams just by getting study books, from memory BPP study texts. Only thing that was a few years ago and I haven`t get round to doing final two yet! In my opinion ATT is a really good taxation qualification if acting for smaller clients. Good luck with it.
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