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Is there a recommended order in which to study the modules?

I'm studying via distance learning and I've done AP1 and AP11 plus I'm on SPSW but I'm not sure whether it matters which one I do next.

Any thoughts on this?



  • mge
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    I'd probably focus on CRS next. It is the biggest unit you have left by quite a long way. It's probably best not to leave it till last, as your brain is likely to be quite tired by that stage :)

    I did them in the order CRS, AP1, AP2, CMGT, PEAF, ITX, SPSW (although I didn't have to do much work for AP1 and AP2 as I'd already studied comparable units with the IAB)
  • Jo Clark
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    Hello Richard

    I agree with mge... study CRS next. I am just coming to the end of this module and I found that there is a lot to take in compared to AP1/AP2.

    The order which my college set the modules is AP1, AP2, CRS, PEAF, CMGT, ITX and SPSW.

    Hope this helps.

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  • DevonBoy
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    Thanks for the advice!

    I was already thinking of doing CRS next, because it is the longest and looks harder than the rest, but just had a niggling thought that one of the others might need to be studied beforehand.

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