Personal Tax Again

Shell B
Shell B Registered Posts: 95 Regular contributor ⭐
Has anyone got the syllabus for personal tax this yr????

If so please could you forward me a copy, if you reply to this thread i will give you my email.


Shell B


  • taskey
    taskey Registered Posts: 1,800 Beyond epic contributor 🧙‍♂️
    i have just looked on myaat and it is still guidelines for 2010.

    not much help i know, sorry

  • welshwizard
    welshwizard Registered Posts: 465 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    AAT seem to be assessing on FA2009 until July - mainly because of the issues surrounding rewriting questions and answers and getting the system updated.

    I believe FA2010 will be used for assessment from Sept 2011
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