Financial statements CBA Practice

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The financial statements/limited company accounts practice CBA is finally available!!

I've had a quick look through the questions and it looks like quite a good online one - at least there is a bit of space on some of the questions to put workings.

Also there isn't too much on IAS's - just similar questions to practice papers.

Still lots of multiple choice but glad to see more written answers (than there was on personal tax anyway!)

Just glad that we can actually see what the exam might be like now!!


  • Becky V
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    Thank you for letting us know, i wouldnt of looked until Monday! Now i know what i will be doing the weekend!! Lol
  • welshwizard
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    Be careful relying on the Practice Assessment for establishing the types of questions you could face. Students seem to be finding a marked difference between practice and live assessments and this has caused some concern. If I were you, I would be using the past paper-based exams to truely test my ability to fully answer questions along with newer question types available in the text/work books.

    It has also become apparent that wording of questions is causing problems as well withy some students stating that the assessments are testing their understanding of the language used rather than the principles and techniques that need to be assessed - this was certainly the case for at least 15 students in one PTX assessmnet recently.

    Thsi may eb scaremongering - but after 2-3 years opf hard work you would not want to fail because of reliance on a new - seemingly fragile - system with brand new question types - and a large variety of types to boot.

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