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crymealiver Registered Posts: 4 New contributor 🐸
I haven't used the AAT website for a while and on returning yet again i've been presented with a new design. Fair enough, the only trouble seems to be for the life of me once i'm logged into MyAAT I cannot see any link to updating my details etc?

I have a lovely new flashy link to a shop where I can purchase an AAT umbrella and show and hide various panels but I can't seem to do anything useful like update my address!

I've viewed in several different browsers and with or without adblocking software as I was concerned this may of been blocking some website links but its the same on all.

Its been a hard life so far and i'm worn out and tired and guessing i'm missing something very obvious indeed so feel free to give yourself a good laugh and explain in words of one syllable where I can now find this in MyAAT please?


  • Rinske
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    I had the same problem in firefox, but when I opened it in internet explorer (ugh...) it was ok and actually showed a link to personal details and payments.

    So I don't think it's you, but maybe the browsers, although if you tried multiple, I assume you tried explorer too so not sure what it can be.
  • Lou1234
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    Once you log in and are on the main MyAAT section on the right it says 'you are currently logged in as .....' AAT reference number is 00001234. Under that mine says manage your account. Once you click that it brings up a load of options including personal details and work details etc.

    Hope that works for you!
  • crymealiver
    crymealiver Registered Posts: 4 New contributor 🐸
    Many thanks for the quick replies. I'd tried the website in Chrome, Firefox and Safari on both Windows and Ubuntu with no luck and IE at work doesn't show it either.

    However, installing IE on home PC and it shows up ok. I'm guessing it's something to do with over keen adblocking but the links still didn't show with those extensions disabled so maybe not?

    Certainly means its now a right P.I.T.A if i do need to access MyAAT!
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