MSP Project deadlines

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Hi does anyone know when aat want the MSP project by so that they can pass it onto ACCA so that i can sit ACCA exams in June this year... Please help my project teacher has mucked it up , she says she wnt be able to mark it because she is busy with other things mind u it has been almost 2 mnths since i submitted my project, i am fuming heree..
want to finish AAT so bady and move to ACCA but college is being so unfriendly and hostile.

Please help someone


  • AK002
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    Your best bet is to e-mail you college and as if there is anyone else that can mark it. Let them know that you have impending deadlines.

    I nagged my college for ages and it was updated 2 weeks after I completed, mid August which was after the deadline for ACCA reg'n.

    I just e-mailed the head of ACCA Scotland and explained and he allowed my late reg'n.
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