What to bring to CBT?

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Just wondering....I'm doing my CBT tomorrow at Kaplan (Angel).

I havent received the usual letter in the post from the AAT with my seat number etc and there's nothing on the website....in fact I havent had any communication from them at all....So was wondering if in fact we are supposed to bring some sort of printout with to the college (Kaplan) and that I'm missing it..? (hope not)



  • keane155
    keane155 Registered Posts: 404
    Hi, you just need the usual stuff- pen, pencil, calculator, photographic ID. The college will give you a printout thing with your aat number and some sort of code to get into your exam. Good luck.
  • Craig9
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    Take a photo ID (driving licence/passport etc) and a calculator if you don't wish to use the one on the PC. You will also need a pen/ruler if you wish to do workings on paper (which they should provide)

    Apart from that you shouldn't need anything. Good luck.
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