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I am struggling to complete the first section of my project on the management of people using the Premier Products case study.

I have sent in several drafts and done the ammendments as suggested by my assessor and just have 2 areas to adjust.

5.5 the use of time management tools - have used year end timetables and talked about using the calander on outlook
5.8 Work Planning Scheduling and Communication - need to talk about meetings and communications - there is no reference to these in the case study and I am not sure what to suggest.

Any ideas would be greatfully received!


JO :)


  • purple19m
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    Hi Jo,

    I've not finished mine so i'm no expert but only things i can think of top of my head are:

    Communication- emails, handouts, newsletters, regular team meetings, training if communicating changes of activites.

    Time management - diary, daily planner, procedures for business activities or rota's.

    You might already have these and i know im not adding much but better then not answering you!

    Hoepfully one of my suggestions will help or get you thinking.

    Or try searching managment skills or looking at your own organisation and what they do for communication and time managment.

    Good Luck, hope its not far to the finish line!
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