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My client is using Sage line 50 and in September 2010 they sent a cheque out to a supplier for £971.75 in payment for an invoice. They allocated the payment against the invoice using this date so the suppliers account is clear, however the cheque has never been presented and so they need to cancel the cheque. what would be the best treatment for this in sage i.e. postings?

They haven't done any bank rec's before on sage!




  • coojee
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    Just delete it using file maintenance. The supplier account will then show a balance due again. If the supplier isn't chasing payment then you could eventually write the balance off but I wouldn't just yet. Seems odd that they haven't chased for payment.
  • Jan
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    Cheque valid till March, would leave as unreconciled until then surely?
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    I agree with Jan I would leave it showing on bank account until no longer valid then in supplier section of Sage there is a button saying 'write off, refund' click that and select supplier cheque return. Simple. Just make sure you select correct supplier, bank code etc.
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