29th April, extra holiday or not?

Anybody expected to work on 29th April?

Friend came home with letter from his boss, "to clarify the rules regardings this particular day". They have the choice of amongst others, of working as normal or taking the day off as part of their normal holiday allocation.

Would appreciate anybody's comments, my own feeling is that it is within the rules, but a bit mean spirited. However, in these hard times a wonder how many other companies are doing the same.

I expect the same will happen next year when it is the Queen's Jubilee.


  • BeccaLouJ9
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    Hi Jan,

    Our place is a bit more relaxed and so I'm assuming we will get this day off! I think as it will be classed as a Bank Holiday- if it is in your contract that you dont have to work them, then you shoudn't have to work them!! Then again- I guess it isn't one of the one's that would be outlined in your contract... It's a toughy- I guess having a nice boss is the only way!

    Bring on the royal wedding!!!- Cannot wait to take the 3 days in the middle as holiday and have an extended easter break!!!

    Do you get the 29th off? Sorry, you don't have to answer that! Being nosey!!
  • deborahcarpenter
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    It is an official bank holiday according to my diary.
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    The new company I have started working for are allowing staff to take it off but it is coming out of the regular 2 days holidays.

    I checked it out on ACAS site as us employees had thought it was an extra day. However ACAs states it depends on the way contracts of employment are written. If they state entitlement to paid holidays is ' 20 days plus statutory days ad bank holidays' then it is an extra day. If it states ' entitlement in 2 days including bank holidays and statutory days' then it is not an extra day.

  • janwal
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    Work for the NHS have not yet been told what is happening, but as our bank holidays are part of our holiday entitlement, looks like I may be working as I don't have much holiday left, mind you will depend if the buses are running.

    Have to wait and see!
  • Marga
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    we have it down as a bank holiday so it is given to us as an extra holiday, so counting also Easter and May bank holiday if you take as a normal holiday the three days in between (26th,27th and 28th) then we have 11 days from Good Friday to May Bank holiday.

    we are also hoping the 29th would be a yearly bank holiday lol
  • AK002
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    We're getting the day off.

    Not sure if I'll still be working at the same company by that time, but maybe working in London so surely they'll get it off ;)
  • anniem
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    I only work on Tue-Wed - Thur, so don't get any bank holidays, except 1 at Christmas unless Christmas is Friday/Saturday!!!

    Must admit I hadn't thought about it from a payroll point of view yet. Better check what we're doing with the farm staff - all a bit of a nonsense for farms, as they're never ever closed!
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  • jewels.p
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    My work is closed for the whole of that week so we are off anyway. We get Good Friday and the whole of the Easter Week and May Day so off work from the Thursday night until a week the following Monday!

    Sounds like we get a lot of Holidays eh but we dont it just so happens that May Day is right after Easter this year.
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