Bank account problem

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Father in law has had a stroke. Bank accounts are in his name. Any idea how does Mother in Law gets to be a signatory?




  • Paul C
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    It may be worth asking the bank what normally happens in these circumstances? Or Citizens advice ( if you can get past the phone queues). :-)
  • jewels.p
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    Sorry to hear about your Father-in-Law

    Is it Power of Attorney you are talking about cause if it is you need a Solicitor but if it is just to become a Signatory your Mother in Law just needs to fill in a form at the Bank.
  • Clairey
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    Hi there

    Really sorry to hear about your father in law - go and speak to the bank because some as she is the marital spouse will allow her to access the accounts where as others you have to have to go to court of public guardian, which trust me is a complete nightmare!!

    Because power of attorney can only be set up if her husband is still of 'sound mind'. If he is then that is the easiest long term route although the banks may help her in the initial stages.

    Good luck and hope your father in law has a speedy recovery

    C x
  • Yazi
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    Thanks for your replies.

    We are waiting for a letter from the hospital and then can take this to the bank. They will pay bills as long as the bills have been paid from the account in the past. No getting money out for a new dress or anything..

    Father in Law not very better. Cant speak, swallow or do much. Just sleeps. Bit difficult really to watch him like that.

    Had Granddaughter in hospital too this weekend so been to see her too. Nearly 100 miles away.. She was diagnosed Diabetic last October when she was 18 months old. She had a bug last week and this messed up her sugars so back to hospital on a drip. She is on her way home at the moment so one bit of good news.
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