Unit 10 Case Study?

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Is anyone doing the case study here and what is easier, the case study or real life project?

I really am struggling to get my head around the case study with me having no accouting experience att all and with 3 months to go before my deadline, feels like 3months is not enough, i really hope these forums will help me get through it :(


  • purple19m
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    Hi there,

    I have no accounting experience and am doing the case study with premier training and I have not found it difficult, there is plenty of weaknesses to go on with the one i am doing and i have so many suggestions, most of which are just common sense.

    I would just read through your case study and highlight anything that is a weakness in the business and then write a list of suggestions to improve them, once you've done that you can then look at catergorising them such as training, fraud, IT etc and work from there.

    Don't look it as a big hard subject, just look at it in a simple way at first and then you can work in the detail and covering the criteria after, you will find it builds up quick.

    I think i spent about 9 hours so far as i had so many weakness and suggestions to improve them, i got upto 2700 words in that time too (and i'm only about half way through) so although it felt getting started was difficult once you have your be suprised how much you can get into with the report that your be trying to keep your words down!

    I also looked at my organisation i work for, its not an accounting environment but just at the management of it to give me ideas, and i got plenty from that.

    You will be able to do it in 3 months i'm sure.

    Hope i've helped a little! Good Luck in getting started, your be on your way once you have!
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