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Hey, can anyone help me.

I think I'm probably just being extremely stupid and blind, but I cannot see anywhere in the BPP learning textbook for Cash Managment Unit 15, anything about the difference between cash flow for public and private businesses...

I had a Q on it in my Skills Test and I just couldn't answer. I just wandered if anyone has this book and can tell me where abouts it has info on this.

Thanks in adv
Becca x


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  • BeccaLouJ9
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    Thank you so much, I must have completely missed this in the textbook! I will have another look when I go home but I swear I haven't seen this in the book!

    Thanks again x
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    i had this one in a mock paper. The answer said: "in public sector organisations there are statutory and other regulations relating to the management of cash balance, whereas in private sector organisations there are no explicit regulations regarding the management of cash balances, other than those contained in the Companies Act regarding directors' duties and maintaining records and safeguarding assets."
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    Ah, ok.. Thank you for your answer! However I assume that there was alot more that needed writing in the exam- seeing as they gave 2 pages for the answer! I'd really like to know where in the book I can get this info though, as I can't find it!! I do keep looking! I think I've prob gone blind though with the amount I've read this book!

    Thanks xxx
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