what is going on? is it only me?

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I am the only one who hasn't had results of any kind yet? What on earth is going on? When will they be available?

I sat bgt and fnpf cba's 13th and 15th dec and I have been reading the messages on myaat but nothing now since 24th. I haven't even had an uploading of a pass or fail!!

Guess I just needed to vent... Would really like my results though as hopefully will be starting cima first week of feb as these would be my last two. Anyone else in the same boat?



  • AuntieT
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    Actually came on to the boards to ask the same question!

    I'm not actually sure if it's more frustrating being told a date that's not stuck to or just there being no update since 24th!
  • tinkerella
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    mine didn't show up either (sat budgeting on 8th December) but everyone in my college group had there's. I chased it up with my tutor and she got on to AAT and they hadn't even marked my paper it was just hanging mid air ( as the AAT put it) Was told it was being marked straight away and i would have my results soon. Chased it up again after 3 days and my tutor chased AAT again and they still hadn't marked it (This was Tuesday) I have now been told it's definately been passed on to an examiner and i will have my results in 48 hours. ( 4pm this afternoon will be 48 hours)

    I have lost all faith in the AAT this year!!!! I don't expect to be see my results anytime soon either. I wouldn't be suprised if they came back and said they had lost my exam.

    WHAT A JOKE!!!!

    Hope they haven't forgot to mark your paper like they did mine, and you get your results really soon.

    x x x
  • LucyN
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    The AAT have really let themselves down this year...and us!!!

    Has anyone had any results yet since this fiasco?

    Its not helping that they are no longer updating the information, so it is literally just a case of wait and see...days, weeks...months...
  • sarahjq
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    Auntiet - I think not having a definate date is the worst. At least if we knew we could stop signing in every 5 minutes in the hope of actually getting some results! Soon I may even get some work done!!
    Tinkerella - that is shocking, starting to panic a bit so I called my training provider and no-ones has there's either - I was starting to get a paranoid, especially since it seemed to have all gone quite on the forum front!
    Lucy - I totally agree it is shocking, I keep thinking about how many there msu be and why is it taking so long. Theoretically they haven't got inter or foundation as they've all go there's and the first wave all seemed to get theirs ok, so what I'm struggling to understand is where the contingency plan that I had to come up with for my unit ten come into place. Case of do as I say not as I do, I think. Surely you get more staff and they work all ours to get them out. A week must be long enough!! Rant over. Glad I'm not on my own, but sorry you are all going through it too.

    Are any of you on your last two like me and waiting on results to start cima or acca?

  • sarahjq
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    Ps. Jlust read that back _ excuse the spelling and punctuation etc working off blackberry and can't actually read back what I'm writing!
  • LucyN
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    I think thats what makes it worse, im waiting to move onto ICAEW and i need the tutor to come in and convince my boss to sponsor me as i wasnt taken on as a trainee...so its all just im limbo. Im literally waiting for one exam and its the mandatory Financial Performance and I struggled with it!!!

    I hope everyone finds out soon, good luck to everyone xxx
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