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Steve Collings
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Hi Guys,

Please find a link to my suggested answers for DFS December 2010. Please note if you are using Word 2003 or earlier versions, I have supplied a link for you, so if you get a funny screen, it means you have clicked on the wrong link (2 links on the thread linked).

Along with Sandy Hood, I do these answers for you free of charge, but I do ask that if you find them useful and they bring a sense of relief in the lead up to the results, that you make a small donation to my charity. My charity is the Ronald McDonald House (see my signature strip). My niece was seriously ill earlier last year and spent six months in Alder Hey Childrens Hospital. Her parents were allowed to stay at the Ronald McDonald House which is on the same grounds as Alder Hey but this complex gets no funding at all from the Government and relies purely on charitable donations. Every penny counts so it matters not how small your donation is.

I hope the suggested answers help.

All the best,


  • Shell B
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    Steve thanks for these however do you have the paper you could send me as i cant find it.


    Shell B
  • rachy1975
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    Thank you are a STAR :-)
  • Barry
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    Steve you are the best. Thanks for doing this for us I feel a bit better now :)
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