Error or mistake/ overpayment relief

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If someone missed off gift aid payments that can increase the basic rate band from their 2008-09 tax return, and miss amending the return by 31st Jan 2011, they can still get relief via Overpayment relief/ Error and mistake claim, can't they?

Need to do this for a client and don't have a 64-8 yet...



  • JodieR
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    My initial thought was that yes, it wouldn't be a problem, but I'm sure I had an incident a few years ago where a client had been doing his own returns and not claimed any capital allowances and I couldn't claim relief for them under 'error/mistake' claim.
    Do you use Ftax? if so could you not just file an amended 2008/09 return by monday without the 64-8 in place?
  • Monsoon
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    Yeah I could, I'm just paranoid that all the other entries on the return won't be the same. I have a file copy but I'm really worried as there are so many entries on the return. I think I'm going to have to do it that way though... thanks.
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