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Hi All,

I got my MIP status in August last year and I have tried to advertise my services by the following methods:
- Had 1500 flyers printed and delivered 700 so far to local areas in Birmingham
- Contacted Local taxi companies with my details
- put my business cards in local shops i.e. tesco's/Wilkinsons
- registered my details on the free index website

Unfortunately I haven't received any feedback and so I was wondering if there is anything else I could do obtain my first client without spending a lot of money?!

I am currently studying ATT and so a lot of my time is spent studying but I'm aware that I have spent money on PII/AAT MIP subs/flyers etc and so would be good to have my 1st client.

Also if there are any local accountants in Birmingham and require any help please let me know as a starting point for me?

Thank you.


  • Monsoon
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    Free line entry yellow pages and Thomson local
    Local parish magazines
    Local directories

    Getting the first one or two is the hardest; after that, word of mouth kicks in and this is the best advertising you can get.

    Best of luck
  • Rachel
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    Maybe try a website with gbbo and use their free offers of advertising?
    People per hour - however very difficult as some people bid so low for jobs.

    As Monsoon says once you have 1 you will be rolling.
  • MVT
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    Thank you both, It's just frustrating as I have everything set up i.e. office, desk, software, PII etc etc and just need my clients :)
  • royw1970
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    Have you considered applying to accountancy firms for any subcontractor work, it could be a bit messy as they always tend to dump difficult clients but it is a start in the right direction.
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