Student fees

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What are your views?

I'm surprised its not been mentioned yet!

Or, is that because either us or our employers pay for our fees....


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    I dont really know alot about this, and have never been to university, but I don't quite understand why there is such a huge problem for the fees rising? I think that you choose to go to University so you pay for it. You don't have to, no-one forces you to? I know alot of people are quite upset about this so there must be more to it! As I say, I'm probably not really in a position to comment, but if you want to go to uni & get a degree then why shouldn't you pay? We're paying for our qualification.

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    Not sure that's what PGM was referringf to Becca.

    But since you've put us on this topic, I'm at complete opposites with my other half who's just started a uni course. She thinks it's unfair, I say compulsory education stops at the age of sixteen and after that it's purely voluntary. Sixteen to eighteen year olds get their A levels and sixth form paid for, beyond that it's up to them and their future wallets if they want a degree. I don't see why I should be frigging paying for it. And if they want their £20-30,000 loans to be worth it, better take a decent, respected degree rather than the multitude of mickey mouse ones.

    As for that complete numbskull Charlie Gilmour - son of squillionaire Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour - his demonstrating against student poverty merely shows to me that the recent demo's were as much a giggly day out for some as much as they were a genuine protest. The future of our country - do me a favour!

    I bet we can all remember that when we were students ourselves we thought we knew everything only for later hindsight and the years of working for a living to prove that we actually knew very little.
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    I have to say I agree Blobby, I think if someone wants to take further education then the cost (loan repayments) should come out of future higher wages.

    I don't see why someone earning low wages should help subsidise someone that either doesn't want to work, or will be earning more than them in the future.

    And as you point out, there is a lot of Mickey Mouse degrees, combined with the core degrees being devalued with the sheer amount of people that have them. Its got to the point were employers are looking for firsts or masters when picking employees.
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    Oh, ok! Sorry I'm not really up to date with these things!
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    My New Year's Resolution was to stop doing this...

  • blobbyh
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    If I also based my own opinions from what I read on fringe Facebook groups, I might agree with you Chris.
  • A-Vic
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    :lol: chris

    i may be seen as out of line with this but hey ho

    I feel yes there does need to be student fee's and as somebody has already mentioned we have to pay for ours so why cant they but another side to the agrument i feel has been skipped is i feel it should be across the board scotland ect...

    and yes i have heard the arguments scotland bring in a lot of reveune ect ect but if people in this country have to pay and with fees rising so rapidly wont it be again the worse off in society that get the short end of the stick again? More so with the cuts in grants for the worser off, education to me is a vital part in any society and because your worse off doesnt that give you a lesser right to access to education no i feel you have more of a right to education and more of a need for it if you are going to suceed in any kind of future.

    Sorry just a ramble
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    PGM wrote: »
    I don't see why someone earning low wages should help subsidise someone that either doesn't want to work, or will be earning more than them in the future.

    I think PGM summed it up perfectly here. As far as I can see - and as I already stated my fiancee is a mature uni student 'enjoying' a loan at the moment - the only people seriously disliking it are either ex or current students themselves. I haven't heard much support from non-students so far.

    Oh, and those that are anti-coalition just for the sheer sake of it.
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    HI blobbyh

    Parent's of prospective students might be a bit concerned too lol
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    our compulsory age of studying was 14 now it is 16.

    Even on secondary schools in Spain the students pay for books, admin registration for the school, notebooks etc the whole lot (should say parents pay for this). There are gov grants given to those family that are less able and there is a threshold to claim this grant. BUT you have to pay for the resources and admin fees in september first and then if you are lucky enough you get your grant money usually it comes around may the following year , go figure!

    To be honest i dont agree with the above , i do believe that EVERYONE should be entitled to free basic education as much as i do believe that everyone should be entitled to basic food and housing and clothing.

    Anything further should be due to the own individual to provide for themselves.

    If i have a pair of jeans and want another one and cant get them until next month cause i dont have money to pay for it i am not going to take a loan and go get it and then complain that the trousers have gone up on price!!!

    If you want further education than the basic one taken you should be able to provide for yourself. You are already 16 and therefore able to work to pay for it. If you cannot do it in one go take steps is not a bed of roses

    it really annoys me that it seems some of the students protesting forget there are many and many others who do not even have basic education cause either they cannot afford it or are being taken away to work
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