Its amazing what they get up to when you

Aaron C Rescue
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go on holiday.

I'm working for a drop shipper, the 20% VAT will severly impact their profit margin and their ability to compete. Whilst I was away, they made a couple of sales people redundant and have also decided to stop the 'local print' of the sales invoices (which was a function of the sales job). The original individual sales invoices are available as 'data', can be called up as an 'order', and can be exported on request. We are able to produce hard copies of each individual invoices should we be required to do so.

However, cost saving/paperless office hat on, I'm thinking that If techie spodder guy supplies me with a daily 'data' export, then I can 'batch up' the individual sales invoices into one daily one, which in turn can be reconciled to merchant server, and entered onto Sage as a single daily 'batch' invoice.

Can anyone see anything wrong with this approach or any reason why it will be doomed to failure? Do you work somewhere that operates a similar 'batch' system? What are the shortcomings?
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