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Hi Everyone

Now the big rush is over starting to think about ongoing practice management.
We have about 400 clients and in the past have used an excel spreadsheet to keep records of addresses etc and tax returns submitted, tax due etc. This worked well when we had about 40 clients but is a bit cumbersome now - any recommendations on upgrading to something a bit more sophisticated, preferably that would incorporate excel data as not keen on re-inputting.



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    One question is what do you currently use for Accounts prep and tax?

    The simplest way is to find something that fits with that.

    I use Digita for all including practice management although its tax return deadline function isn't great. Due to this I use an Excel sheet with a traffic light system showing deadlines for SA and LTD co deadlines. This works well for me with about 125 clients and don't see any problem with it going forward.

    Tax Calc are meant to be bringing out a practice management system called tax calc hub but it's currently delayed until Oct I think

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