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Richard wrote: »
Maybe there should be an ACCA/ACA/CIMA forum as part of the Members section?

I think there is a place for ACCA/ACA/CIMA posts on this website, but the AAT Technician/Diploma section isn't the right place.
AK002 wrote: »
I don't really think ruling out students doing ACCA is correct. They are still qualified members of the AAT and as such they are just as welcome IMO (me included!).

I think it is good the extra wealth of knowledge that is here, including knowledge of which ACCA courses are best taken when etc..

Agree with Richard, perhaps there should be a 'further studies' section.

Yes I think so too, there seems to be a few of us here and our discussions can give current AAT students an idea of what further study is like without taking over 'their' section of the forums.

Good idea, would be a good section to have!

Please could we have a new section?


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